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Membership Categories


Membership Categories

Full Contracting Member

Full Membership shall be open to Landscaping firms or persons operating in the Republic of Ireland, who meet the following requirements:

(a)    that they operate a full-time Landscaping or Allied Contracting service;

(b)    that they have a permanent, identifiable business address;

(c)    that in relation to clause (a), they have been in business for at least two years;

(d) that applicants' income or the income of a group or set of businesses of which they are part, must comprise of a minimum of 80% derived from landscaping or amenity horticulture activities;

(e)    that they supply details of four satisfactorily completed contracts, at least one of which will have been completed in the twelve months preceding date of application;

(f)    that they supply at least two trade references;

(g)    that such applicant is proposed and seconded by two Full Members of the Association and accepted by a two-thirds majority of Members present at the relevant Regional meeting, voting in private.  The Association shall not disclose reasons for its decisions.

Probationary Membership

Probationary Membership is open to landscapers who have been in business less than two years or experienced contractors who, for whatever reason, have not yet applied for full membership.  Probationary members have not had their quality standards assessed and are not entitled to claim that they are members of the ALCI.


Trade Member

Trade Membership of the Association shall be open to a Company (or person) who supplies material, equipment or a service to the Landscape Industry and particularly to members of the Association.

  • BOI Payment Acceptance
  • Kilsaran
  • Westland
  • Enrich
  • Artificial Grass Store
  • Celuplast
  • Glenview Natural Stone
  • Kelly's Nursery Ltd
  • NAD
  • Barleystone Paving Ltd
  • Dublin Grass Machinery
  • Nangle & Niesen Ltd
  • Roadstone
  • Smith Concepts Ltd
  • N&C Enterprises Ltd
  • ICL
  • Arch Outdoor Limited
  • Summerhill Lawns
  • Greenogue Recycling
  • Annaveigh
  • Giorgio Tesi Group
  • Timbertrove
  • Landscape Depot
  • Arachas
  • FBD Insurance
  • Bayer Cropscience Ltd
  • SAP
  • Bartlett Tree Experts
  • Whelehan
  • Unichem
  • Bord na Mona
  • Sanctuary Synthetics