Accredited Landscaping Contractors

ALCI is Ireland’s leading professional body for landscape contractors with over 100 members.

As a potential client, whether you are looking for a professional landscape contractor to design and construct a small private garden or manage a large commercial landscaping project, you will find them here.

Why Hire an ALCI Member?

Expertise is a Guarantee

When you choose an ALCI member you can be assured of professional excellence, value for money and outstanding customer service whatever your landscaping requirements.

Our members possess a wealth of knowledge and skill that sets them apart in the industry. Through years of dedicated work and continuous professional development, they stay up-to-date with the latest trends, techniques, and best practices in the landscaping field. This ensures that when you hire an ALCI member, you are engaging with a true expert who understands the unique requirements of your project.

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Professional Services
High-Quality Standards
Customer Satisfaction
ALCI Accredited
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Quality and Professionalism are at our core


ALCI members have been raising landscape quality standards in Ireland since 1971


ALCI members are fully trained, committed to continued professional development and best business practice


ALCI members work closely with all relevant professions and trades, recognising the importance of cooperation and respect for timelines and workflow


ALCI members are always mindful of their reputation and the reputation of the ALCI, its legacy and role in providing clients with confidence and trust


The Association of Landscape Contractors of Ireland (ALCI) was founded in 1971 as a representative body for the developing landscape sector.

From its inception, it has endeavored to improve the quality and standards in the landscape industry in Ireland.

ALCI members have a Code of Conduct which requires them to carry out their business to the highest professional standard.

Trade Members

ALCI is supported by reputable and experienced organizations and companies who play an importable role in the delivery of professional services