Tree Surgery and Garden Maintenance

Works were carried out on site at Ennis Garda station where the trees overhung a flowing river, this project required the expertise of our Tree Surgery team and qualified Arborist. They utilised our spider hoist which is one of the safest and most efficient ways of working at height, trees are dangerous to climb in the event of possible decay so this provided a safe way to finish the job.

Crown reductions were completed and deadwood removed from previously pollarded mature Lime trees. The same was repeated on smaller Norway Maples in the carpark. Removal of basal epicormic growth from the Lime trees ensured the continued health of the trees.

Tree care is an ongoing, essential service. Trees that are compromised are deemed hazardous and require immediate care. Falling branches can cause serious injury and harm to you and your neighbours. Our professional Tree Surgery team are trained to recognise risk factors.

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